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All Playing Cards
The playing cards from Poker differ between of they for some fundamental characteristics. In the first place they can be in Plastic 100%, Paper (Duplex or Triplex) or in Paper Telato and Plastificato. First they are washable playing cards a lot to read but piu' resistant to the usury and, those in paper are instead piu' consisting and therefore also piu' pleasant to hold in hand, they are pero' piu' subject to the deterioration. Of usual the playing cards in Plastic come used for  Texas Hold' em, are perche' do not have to be held in hand to fan, are perche' theirs flessibilita' and scivolosita' it offers one rapidita' of mescolamento and distribution, necessary in the poker American. Both models can have 2 pips (used in the playing cards Americans) or 4 pips (used in the Italian playing cards) and to be Regular Index (also said Standard Index or Normal Index), Jumbo Index (also said Super Index) or Magnum Index.
The playing cards Regular Index are the classic playing cards that we know all, cioe' with the numbers and the symbols of small seeds. They can have 4 Pips, cioe' the numbers and symbols in all and the 4 angles of the paper, or 2 Pips that is solo in high the left angle and the skillful angle low. They can be is in paper that in plastic. They are the used playing cards piu'.
The playing cards Jumbo Index are playing cards with the numbers and the symbols of large seeds piu' regarding the normal school. They can have 4 Pips (little used in the Jumbo Index) or 2 Pips. They can be is in paper that in plastic. They are the typical playing cards from BlackJack that in some cases come used also for the poker American.
The last difference regards the largeness: there e' the Size Poker and the Bridge Size, this utimo a po' piu' tightened. Some casino' prefer the small Bridge size perche' being piu', e' piu' leggermente fast to shuffle. In this situated one pero' I prefer to consider like true playing cards from Poker only the Size Poker.
Here under there are all the models of playing cards from Poker in commerce. Cliccando on everyone you will be able to see
the card with the characteristics and the REVIEW with the Rating

To Plus Regular
To Plus Jumbo
Aviator Jumbo
Aviator Regular
Bee 92 Clubs Special Jumbo
Bee 92 Clubs Special Regular
Bicycle Clear
Bicycle Jumbo
Bicycle Regular
Copag 1546 Regular

Copag 1546 Jumbo
Copag Export Jumbo
Copag Master Regular
Copag 4 Color Regular
Copag 4 Color 4 Pips Jumbo
Copag 4 Pips Jumbo
Copag Penguin Jumbo
Copag 139 Regular
Copag Casino Jumbo
Copag Magnum
From The Torcello Black person
From The Black person Flying club
From The Black person Flying club HQ
From The Black person Poker 36
From The Black person St. Moritz
From The Cashmere Black person
From The Saint Black person Siro
From The Saint Black person Siro HQ
From The Excelsior Black person
From The Black person Freedom Regular NEW

From The Black person Freedom Jumbo NEW
From The Black person Star Regular
From The Black person Star Jumbo
From The Black person Superstar Regular
From The Black person Royal Regular
From The Black person Royal Jumbo
From The Black person BlackJack Jumbo
The 818 Fourniers Jumbo NEW
Fournier 18 Standards NEW
Fournier 505 Standards
The 2818 Fourniers Jumbo
Fournier 2508 Standards NEW
Gemaco Alpha Series
Gemaco Alpha Jumbo
Gemaco Star Regular
Gemaco Star Jumbo
Gemaco Monarch Regular NEW
Gemaco Monarch Jumbo NEW
Gemaco Classic Regular
Gemaco Classic Jumbo
Gemaco Classic Regular Border
Gemaco Classic Jumbo Border
Gemaco Compass Regular
Hoyle Jumbo
Kem Arrow Standard
Kem Arrow Jumbo
Masenghini Poker little horse
Masenghini Poker 900
Masenghini Poker 3 Stars
Masenghini Poker Great Prize
Masenghini Poker 955
Masenghini Poker Union Jack
Masenghini Circle Jumbo Poker
Modiano Plastic Jumbo
Modiano Black-Jack
Modiano Poker 98
Extra Modiano
Modiano Poker 105
Modiano Politeama
Modiano Poker Club
Modiano Plastic Poker
Modiano Old Trophy
Modiano Golden Trophy
Plastic super Modiano
Modiano 61 Bike Trophy
Modiano 63 Bike Trophy
NTP standard
Piatnick Plastic Bridge Size
Royal star Regular
Royal Cross Regular
Royal Jumbo
Tally-Ho Poker
World Poker Tour Plastic Bridge Size
World Tour Poker

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