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The containers of Chips can be from table (Rack) or drawer (Tray). The Tray puo' to be used in the case a player has a drawer under the table, while the Rack puo' to be used like Chips door for the Trolley or Chips door from table. This last not appreciated option e' from the greater part of the players, in fact not e' ne' elegant ne' comfortable, e' however a issue of tastes but of usual is preferred to hold the Chips on the cloth of the table rather than within a container.
The Racks differs between of they for length but they contain all from the 19 to the 21 Chips for row to second of the diameter of the model of Fcihes.
The diameter standard of the Chips e' 39mm.

Rack 66,7mm

Adapted above all to the Chips Paulson and those in Ceramic that leggermente piu' is tightened of the others.

Rack 67,7mm (Standard)

This container e' that Standard, ideal in order nearly all the models of Fcihes, from those of 11,5 gr to those in Real Clay.

Rack 68,7mm

For heavy Chips from 13 or 14 gr e' the advisable one this Rack.
These racks are adapted well also for the Trolley.

Rack 43mm

43mm e' the measure in width of every corsia.
This Rack therefore e' to use in order to lodge Chips from the great diameter piu' of the normal school, like the Chips Vineyard.
The length e' of 67,7mm.

Interlocking Rack

The characteristic of these racks e' that they can be collected into a pile over the other or be joined beside the other to prescind from the fact that are within the Chips. E' also the piu' along of the racks, 71,7mm.

Tray Wood

Container from drawer or for professional tables with Croupier.

Plastic Tray Classic

Container from drawer

Tray Aluminum

Container from drawer or for professional tables with Croupier.

(only United States)

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