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Build a Poker Table FROM POKER
The tables from poker as we know them in Italy, are many far ones from those used in the United States, are in the tornei of the professionals, are in house from the simple players amateurs. The fundamental difference e' the Padded Rail, cioe' that one corsia external imbottita that it serves like support for the arms of the players. In Italy exactly the padded does not exist rail, this perche' the Italian poker comes played holding for all the game the playing cards in hand, not e' therefore necessary a support from the moment that the arms of the players remain distant from the table also in order to avoid to make to read the playing cards next to the other seated players.
In the poker American instead it is not played with the playing cards in hand, the two playing cards come held covered on the table beside the Chips, favoring therefore one natural position of support of elbows and arms to the table, from here the requirement of a imbottito perimeter said exactly Padded Rail. This does not mean that who only plays to the Italian poker must not have a true table from poker on the model American, indeed. For an aesthetic factor, a table with the padded rail only turns out molto' piu' particular and pleasant that a normal green table. Beyond to this difference, pero', ce they are then others that in this section of the situated one we will analyze. Reassuming we say that a table from poker Italian, even if acquired in a store or realized from a specialized craftsman, sara' always in good substance a base of wood covered from a green cloth, cioe' nothing of piu' distant from the varieta' of the tables from poker sold in the United States or realizes to you in house from the same players.
For thoroughness
of information, in situated found also link Web Shop Poker Table, in which you it marks it all the situated European statunitenti and that sell tables from poker, in realta' pero' shipment expenses so are elevated that indeed it would become too much oneroso to acquire them via Internet. And in Italy as I have said to you these models do not exist.
The possible shapes of a table from poker are varied: oval, octagonal, round, rectangular. In the example under there are here makes of construction of the Cuca' s Poker Table, a rectangular table with round angles.

Per.primo.cosa we must design a plan in order to understand the exact measures of wood to cut and the way of assemblage of several the pieces. In this case we will have need of one table of plywood of 1 m for 1,5 m. For the Padded Rail we will use of square pieces 30x30 cm and i rectangles from 10x40 for the small side from 10x90 for the great side. The thickness of the wood for the Padded Rail e' of 2 cm while for the base e' of 1 cm. To this point we join pieces of the padded rail and design the lines for the cut. The same lines but of small width piu' (5 cm) we make them on the table of the game surface, to this point we cut all with opportuni the instruments.

The small strip as soon as cut andra' glue under to the padded rail. For this point we prepare the holes on the surface of game and the padded rail and become part within of dice of metal to spiral so as to being able to join the two superficial ones with of the lives and having way, in case of damages, being able to replace the green cloth uncoupling the two parts of wood with the single svitamento of the lives, what that you will not be able to make if you will use of the nail. We spread for earth the rubber piuma of the padded well rail (for the type you see Supplies Poker Table) and we lean ourselves over the padded rail. We design to hour the contours of the wood on the rubber piuma and spalmiamo of glue the inside. Advisable E' to make this operation in two persons perche' alone is risked to make to dry the glue before having ended to spread it all. We glue the two parts. To this point we cut the rubber piuma with a trincetto so that it goes to also cover the lateral part of the padded rail and fix it to the adhesive wood with of the scotch resistant. We rest hour the padded rail over the vinile (for the type you see Supplies Poker Table) and we fix them with with the sparapunti. This e' perhaps the laborious and long operation piu' of all the our plan. The cut of the inner part of the vinile must in this way be followed. Once completed the implantation, cut to the vinile in excess the piu' possible so that then the padded rail it can be lain down comfortably on the game plan.

Gia' we have cut the table of the game plan, we must hour inccollarci over the rubber (for the type you see Supplies Poker Table). Lascieremo approximately two centimeters of distance from the end of the table, this perche' after we must have the space in order spillare the green cloth to the wood. In this plan in fact the cloth does not come attacked all around to the base but until the edge otherwise the small strip of wood that we have glue under the padded rail it would not only find enough game in order to fit in the base of the table. Hour we can spillare the cloth to the base, e' need glue it not there enough to stretch it well in order before fixing it.

The table to this point e' nearly ended, you must fix the padded rail to the surface and only decide if to put of the richiudibili or fixed legs (you see Supplies Poker Table).

Cuca for the concession of the images

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