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The containers for glasies (Drink Holders) can be inserted within the table, to the outside of the table or under the Padded Rail. They are realizes to you in plastic, steel and brass.

Drink container in plastic to passing.

To insert to the inside of the table.
There are several largenesses, of usual called standard and jumbo.
Advisable E' always to acquire the jumbo in order to avoid that glasies
or bottigliette piu' large of the normal school they do not enter.
Available also in
steel and brass.

Drink container in steel to passing.
Same model of the previous one, pero' in
Expensive Leggermente piu' but also piu' gradevole aesthetically.
These models to passing need obviously of a hole on measure to the inside of the table.

Container Drink Slide in brass.
To insert under the padded rail.
Less beautiful aesthetically regarding those to passing but
piu' easy to istallare poiche' they do not need of no hole.

Container Drink Slide in plastic.
Same model of the previous one but in plastic.
A lot piu' economic but of sure not beautiful looking at itself.

Drink container to Clip in plastic.
One becomes part with a clip to clip along the edge of the table.
Aesthetically the solution worse but the best one from a point of view of emergency of the green cloth. Also the accidental sketches in fact will fall to outside of the table without no risk for the cloth.

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