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Poker Film

The films in which the Poker e' to the center of the history but also film in which one left of poker it renders one memorable scene.

If you know other films on the poker, I pray you to signal it.

2003, of Damian Nieman, with Gabriel Byrne (Charlie Miller), Melanie Griffith (Eve), Sylvester Stallone (Stevens), Hal Holbrook (University professor) and Thandie Newton (Tiffany).
Three truffatori are ready to risk any thing also to carry a.termine the great blow and, thanks to a series of circumstances, riusciranno to put the hands on a booty that will render them much rich... but is a problem, the derubata person are a gangster made thirsty of vendetta! The things complicate when the trio decides to defy the king of the hazard poker, "the Dean".

The rivincita one of Been born them
2003, of Pupi Avati, with Diego Abatantuono, Alexander Haber, Gianni Cavina, Carl Of Piane and George Eastman.
The night of Been born them 5 friends they gather in order to before reply one separated of played poker seventeen years (in the film "Christmas present them").

California poker
1974, of Robert Altman, with Elliott Gould and George Segal.
Two adventurers skid and busybody, Charlie Waters (Gould) and Bill to you Denny (Segal), try the large blow in the room of poker of a casino to Reno. Long and fascinating the game to poker in one room of the casino, with one mozzafiato final hand. Sessantottesco hazard.

The barred one
1973, of George Roy Hill, with Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Robert Shaw.
Chicago, Illinois, 1936. Johnny Hooker (Redford) and Henry Gondorff (Newman) are two truffatori that they want to embed gangster the Doyle Lonegan (Shaw) in order to revenge the dead women of a friend. I love launch from the two is one left of poker on the train New York - Chicago. Gondorff succeeds is made to admit like fifth player to the private table where Lonegan plays: it pretends of being "pollo", rozzo and ubriacone. Very soon it begins to win and it provokes to Lonegan mistaking its name or boasting themselves of the vincite ones: the tension grows and two of the players decide to stop. Lonegan asks a pause and decides to play with a made up bunch: it makes the playing cards for the decisive hand. Gondorff opens with a Tris of Three and Lonegan throws again with one Nine Brace: the playing cards are changed and Gondorff obtains a Poker of Three, while Lonegan makes a Nine Poker. They leave throws again and Lonegan, sure to win, tip 10,000 dollars. Gondorff sees and discovers its playing cards: it has a Poker of Jack with which it gains the hand in the general astonishment. The comment of Lonegan to its boys: "I could not at all dirgli that coffin better than me".

Christmas present them
1986, of Pupi Avati, with Diego Abatantuono, Carl of the Flat ones, Gianni Cavina and Alexander Haber.
It is the night of Been born them: in an obtained villa on loan, four friends organize one left of Poker for spennare Santelia (Of the Flat ones), a rich and unpleasant manufacturer. Franc (Abatantuono), manager of a cinema, is more expert Bravo and: it begins to win, but Santelia has the nerves balances. In the decisive hand, Frank it has a Full d' Assi, it aims one large sum: Santelia, that it has taken a paper, throws again playing some hundred of million. After a pause of terrible uncertainty, Franc goes to see: Santelia has a Color of Picche and gains the hand. To the end it will be understood that the true one "pollo to spennare" was Frank. It is made of the game are from seeing and see again.

1994, of Richard Donner, with Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner and James Coburn.
Brett Maverick (Gibson) is a gambler that it wants to find the moneies in order to enroll itself to the championship of more famous poker of the West. The championship is carried out on a boat from river and has a spectacular course and cruento. The final challenge is between the best poker players and Telesina: the Commodoro (Coburn), Annabelle (Foster), a Mexican and even the father of Maverick (Garner). The decisive hand is most improbable interlaces than combinations that it can be imagined: a Poker, a Real Scale of Hearts and the Maximum Real Scale of Picche that Maverick closes with an Ace of Picche. Rising of picaresca Olimpiade of the poker.

It compares
1971, of Robert Altman, with Julie Christie and Warren Beatty.
In a mining city of the west, John Mc Cabe (Beatty) is an adventurer who ago Gambler and coffin to the game. The prostitute Constance Miller (Christie helps) that she manages a brothel with to he. The vicissitudes of two adventurers deprive of hope to you. Here the game does not help.

The house of the games
1987, of David Mamet, with Joe Mantegna and Lindsay Crouse.
Margaret (Crouse) is one psicanalista famous that tries to help a young patient blackmailed from one band of gamblers. It enters in conFeel with they in the "House of Giochi", the premises where they play, and knows Mike, the head of the players (Mantegna). These are involved it in one left of poker and it asks them to help it against a hard and aggressive adversary. While it goes away with an excuse, Margaret will have to carefully observe the gestures of the adversary: if giocherella with the ring, it wants to say that bluffa. In the decisive hand, Mike has three Aces and tip: its adversary, that he has taken a paper, throws again strong. Mike goes away and the psicanalista observes the man to touch the ring. It convinces Mike to see, convinced that it is a bluff: instead the player it had a color and the plate is adjudicated. But to the Margaret end it discovers that the gun used from the player in order to strengthen its threats is feint: the game was a trick in order to put it to the test. Mike illustrates the difference between the truth and the organized fiction from he and its friends to the damages of persons innocent and available to trust themselves. To the end of the Margaret film it will only understand to be the victim prechoice for a sophisticated organized swindle from the band of the "House of the games". Margaret will react with violence, ending in order to kill Mike. Feracious.

1991, of Geoff Burrowes, with Patrick Dempsey.
Patrick Dempsey participates before to one left of clandestine poker in New Jersey that the game came legalizzato in the casinos of that state. One of the rarest scenes in which a player is looked at it gives one gratuity to the dealer, dipped in one nuve of passive smoke. The game catches up its apex when an aggressive player much and violent one force Dempsey to change one paper, rather than is given served. "This is one new varying of the game: Gestapo poker." The film attract attention for the ritomo chasing and sure it will hold to you with the breath suspended from the beginning to the end.

Dr. Mabuse - The Gambler
1922, of Fritz Lang.
Tried to imagine how much you could earn if you succeeded in ipnotizzare an adversary fine al point to make it to be with three blackjack or to fargli throwing via the playing cards with one hand winning in one left of poker. The crazy criminal Dr. Mabuse has this power. Directed from Fritz Lang, Dr. Mabuse is sure between best dumb films not Americans, with to Metropolis of the same Lang and to the Battleship Potemkin di Sergei Eisenstein. Lang and other directors have produced numerous sequel in the course of the forty years succeeded to you, but nobody of these is successful to show the playing cards or the gambling in way much fascinating one. One citation: "an ambitious dream of youth, being winning to the game and in love." There is then this question asked the income of a private club: "Playing Cards or cocaine?"!!!

Three Godfathers
Various versions of this history exist. The best one is that one of 1948 with John Wayne, in which, after that Walter Brennan helps a perfect one disowned to cheat to poker, this last one asks to it "Because you have made it". Brennan answers: "I do not know it. Probably because they are little of bond."

Large mail to Dodge City
1966, of Fielder Cook, with Henry Fonda and Joanne Woodward.
Four ricconi they are engaged to a game of poker with provincial unproviding that has juror to the bisbetica moglie not to play of hazard. The poveraccio it loses, but to a sure point one is found such hand to die of infarct. The moglie collects the playing cards and, after to have seen them, it throws again, quite obtaining a loan from a banker to which it has shown to them. Naturally the others do not want "to see" and they leave the plate them. There will be but one surprised.

Been born yesterday
1950, of George Cukor, with Judy Holliday.
The game is the Gin. Judy Holliday makes the part of the typical stupid blond woman and svampita, while Broderick Crawford is the hard man who holds it to attends. Observed Holliday while it plays and your idea of the table from game will always change in order. A beautiful film, with memorable scenes. In the remake of 1993 with Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson the scene of the game to Gin does not succeed to having the same impact.

1966, with Warren Beatty.
In this particular film, previous to Bonnie & Clyde, intrufola Beatty in a factory and alters the slabs that print the playing cards used from the more important casino of the world. It marks the playing cards so that only it can recognize them. Naturally, when the playing cards enter in circulation, Beatty is precipitateen from a casino to the other in order to play to blackjack and poker. Ill-fatedly for he, when it is found again in one left head to head without limit, they change the bunch with that it is not in a position to recognizing. Forced to only play taking advantage of the own ability, unforgettable hand drags the adversary in one, finding again themselves to having to take the better decision never seen in one left of poker. Not to lose.

The Cincinnati Kid
1965, of Norman Jewison, with Steve Mc Queen, Edward G. Robinson, Karl Malden, Ann Margret and Joan Blondell.
In the New Orleans of 30 years ' Cincinnati Kid (Mc Queen) is a young poker player that in short time becomes celebre for its ability and its cold blood. Happened the door to defy Lancey Howard, the king of the Poker (Robinson): these are a gentiluomo from the sardonico look, accompanied from Ladyfingers, one giocatrice equally good (Blondell). The game is an event not to lose: there are children who try to observe it scramble up to you on the lampposts. To the beginning the young star in rise prevails, but although the councils of cartaio (the Malden) and the pressures of its girl (Margret), continues in the challenge: memorable the final hand of Telesina with a Real Scale of Hearts of the champion against a Full di Donne di Cincinnati Kid (the Color was not enough). Struck conclusive of Lancey Howard: "Not you the cables badly, boy, but until I will be, I will be only second".

Split California
1974, of Robert Altman.
Bill and Charlie, players inveterati, a day "feel" that the moment of the fortune has arrived. They sell all and they leave for Reno. "they had felt" just. In the cast of the film Poker Amarillo Slim appears also the champion of the World Series of.

The Player (Rounders)
of John Dahl, with Matt Damon, Edward Norton, John Turturro.
Cult the movie for excellence of the game of the poker to the texana. In fact it has decreed happened to international level of the crescent the interest towards this discipline. Unforgettable the crashs heads up between Matt Damon and Teddy "kgb" fascinating Malkowich and novellistic on the life of rounders (the players the professionals). Fairies treasure of several the instructions dispensed from the film, very rarely if they meet some of therefore witty and guesses to you.

of Castellano & Pipolo, 1981 - with Adrian Celentano, Edwige Fenech, Renato Salvatori.
Most skillful to the table from game, Ace (Celentano) is a champion of poker bizzarro and istrione. It comes killed for envies to the eve of the wedding with the beautiful fiancèe (Fenech). It returns as ghost in order to help the mistress to take to a husband and finally it skillful one scova in a young player much, said "varesino". It finds also the way to be revenged of its adversaries and ends in order to play an impossible hand of poker with God.


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