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Italian poker or Poker American? This before the question from makes in choosing the bunch of playing cards better and adapted to the poker that we want to play. For the Italian poker in fact we must choose between the models in Paper, for the poker American between those in Plastic, null it then prohibits to make in other way but there are gia' stops to you on the reasons of this first differenzazione (you see Playing Cards in Plastic or Playing Cards in Paper).
Between the playing cards in paper, the best ones are sure those telate and plasticizing, much resistant and pleasant to the Feel. Between these e' difficult pero' to find
the best one in absolute. We shrink however the choice to 6 models: the Bee Special Club, the Bicycle and the WPT (identical except the Design of the back, all produced from the LAST The Playing Card Co.) they are particularly gradevoli to the Feel, turn out pero' piu' to read and flexible of the concurrent others and therefore piu' subject to the usury. The Poker Little horse of the Masenghini, beautifulst, a perfect relationship between rigidita' and Feelile pleasantness. The Extra Modiano, much resistant, perhaps piu' hard in absolute, characteristic that them renders durable piu' in the time but that it penalizes to them in the mischiabilita' that puo' to become difficult if is carried out in professional way. Finally From the Saint Black person Siro (or the Flying clubs) High Quality, they are the piu' to read between telate and also to the Feel the hardly perceivable telatura e'.
Famous positive also for the Modiano  a Poker 98, than also being many economic and not having telatura, they turn out same the pleasant ones maintaining one good consistency.
As far as the playing cards in Plastic 100%, those considered better in absolute from the professionals and the casino', are the Kem Americans (anch' produced
they from the LAST The Playing Card Co.), they are in fact also the piu' expensive, approximately 13euro/mazzo. In effects to comparison with all the other models of playing cards in plastic, the Kem seem to have something of piu'. They are most pleasant to the Feel and much flexible, they are shuffled therefore with large semplicita' and velocita'. An other model pero' is approached very many the qualita' of the kem, much to make them to seem identical to the Feel. They are Copag 1546 (produced in Brasi them). Difficult to find a difference important if not that one of the price, costs in fact the meta' of the kem.
Other marks used the much from casino' the Americans e' Gemaco. Some models as the Gemaco Monarch is of par qualita' of the Kem and the Copag, others instead have decidedly something in less. The Design
of the figures unfortunately of all the Gemaco leaves much perplexed.
To the third party parimerito place to, and without a shadow of doubt, itaiane NTP and the Spanish Fournier. Nearly equal Qualita' to the Copag, regarding which only hardly turns out less flexible. Better of the Gemaco to my opinion, they are the Italian From the Black person Torcello and Golden Trophy Modiano. They do not catch up the flessibilita' of the Copag and of the Kem but however they are gradevolissime to the Feel offering one pleasant mischiabilita'. The Torcello is hardly piu' hard of the Modiano, than personally I prefer but the so minimal difference e' that the preference becomes much subjective one indeed.
I point out also as far as the Design is of the playing cards in paper that of those in plastic: they said that the best ones are sure the Italians From Negro and Modiano, have a clearly advanced elegance to whichever other model.

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