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As gia' we have seen in the other pages, the best ones Chips in commerce are those in Real Clay 100% and Ceramic. They are pero' also the piu' expensive, piu' of 1$ ciascuna. You must therefore first of all understand that budget you have to disposition. In considering this, you council also to reflect on the fact who the Chips, on the whole and inasmuch as you are not managers of casino', they last a life, percio' if you can spend a tantino of piu' makes it you, will have at least of the Chips professional with which sara' a pleasure to play.
The main aesthetic difference between Chips in ceramic and the those in real Clay,
e' that first they have the printed publication design just on the surface of the Chips until the edge. They do not have therefore a file (Inlay) like the Real Clay.
Those in ceramic are all nearly equal ones like material (except  some models), change only the design, the choice therefore become very personal. The price is raised considerable if you decide to personalize them but there are however so many models that you will find sure what piu' it is approached your tastes also without to resort to the personalizzazione.
if preferred instead the Real Clay, you can yourselves be oriented or on the Chips Paulson (from the name of the engineer who has created them, become by now one of the piu' important and she searches designer of Chips the world to you), or on the Chips personalized whose leggermente advanced cost e' and the attended time of for the interminable delivery, is gone around in fact around to the 3 months: this perche' the Chips in real Clay personalized comes realized with the combinations of the colors from chosen you assembles to you in the way that you will choose, comes then cooked in furnace and it a file comes to the fine assistant
(inlay) with the personalized design. Moreover only webshop an American realizes this type of Chips, for this the times is thus long.
For a the 55 budget around to cent one, you splendid council
Crown style 1003, is the best ones Chips in absolute between Clay Composite and is much similar, is to the Feel that to the sound, to those in real Clay. You can moreover personalize with others 20 cent one with the hot stamp.
Still coming down of price, the choice puo' to fall on splendid the World Poker Tour Metal Composite or  composite Clay piu' to read as an example from 7,5/8/10 gr like famous
the Six Stripe (Soprano' s). Personally I do not appreciate at all the Metal Composite piu' to read of the 12 gr perche' the metal layer to their inside them renders unpleasant is to the Feel is to the sound, if pero' the thing does not disturb piu' a lot to you puo' to be a good purchase also in consideration of the fact that is enough economic.
For inferior budgets, they remain the Chips in plastic. Impossible to compare them to the others. Between these you council
the Plastic Diamond or the Plastic Interlocking but piu' that other I advice against you the madreperlate ones that they are indeed how much of piu' far away is from true Chips the professional ones.

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