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In this page I have inserted some images of playing cards, so that the difference can be seen clearly, in the colors and the Design, between the various ones marks. For the scannerizzazione I have used the same formulations for all the images, the differences and the colors would have therefore to turn out enough realistic (seen with monitor calibrate to you and professional).
Cliccando on the images, you can see them to all page.
The difference between the several one marks that staro' not to repeat in ciascuna description, e' that the playing cards Americans have always 2 pips and Italians 4 pips (except rare exceptions).

The Gemaco various one from the others has one graphical of the figures much marks. Piu' that other in the faces of the design figures famous a sure one frettolosita' that render them nearly inespressivi. Some models then, like this in photo, introduce a color much dark one of the red one. Celestial the not e' present one.
A lot piu' glad, as you see, the Copag. One good tonalita' of red but black po' a weak person and little deep. Clearly also the celestial present in some details of the figures. The Design in the enough good complex  e' and has like characteristic a font  leggermente piu' squared of the others.

If we exclude the aces of picche obviously that they introduce always obvious differences much, the Modiano and the Masenghini are lend perfectly for the game "find the differences". The colors and the Design of the figures are practically identical if we exclude invisibili thinnesses nearly. Only various note e' the grassetto piu' marked of the font of the Modiano. Decided ignited colors a lot, aces express and very detail to you to you. Both therefore beautifulst, the best ones in absolute.

Also From the Black person two Italians with of reading differences in the colors, piu' clear are similar to the others, and in the feature that appears piu' fine. You turn a po' less expressed to you. Many beautiful comuqnue also these, of sure by far better of the Americans.
The Bee, the Bicycle and the World Tour Poker, are all produced from the American LAST The Playing Card Co, for this therefore they are identical graphically and in the colors. Faces molro less expressed you of the Italians but of sure better of the Gemaco. Good tonalita' of the red one and the black one. Celestial much marked one for some details of the ace.

Like in the Gemaco, also in the Royal and the Kem the celestial one lacks. The many similar colors of both mark even if the Royal has red piu' a hardly dark one. The faces very are made but they do not catch up the espressivita' of the Italian playing cards. Particolarita' of the Kem: the approval e' colored of a rose skin. The Kem in the complex has something of piu' of the Royal, says that they are to the level of the Copag Brazilians.

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