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Clocks, Signs, etc
In the United States, as you will have understood, the poker (Texas Hold' em) e' seen nearly like a sport and above all, to difference of Italy, e' legal, also for this reason door behind of se' gets passionate you of every eta'. From this various lifestyle the poker is born all then the rich article production for gets passionate to you pokeristi that we have seen in this situated one. In this page others gadget and oggeti of the poker for all the tastes.

E' a mixer of playing cards automatic rifle. It works to batteries and it succeeds to shuffle until two bunch of playing cards. E' realized in plastic. An object a lot used in the United States from the players not professionals obviously. Reducing very many the time of mescolamento regarding the classic manual way, e' useful for the poker American that as we know plays "to time" and often the hands are much fast. Sold also in Italy.

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They are standards from wall and they can be of light metal or wood.
There are those with the not modifiable written one (that those personalizzabili like in the example of the photo cost less) and: the written Marino' s comes replaced with your name.


Likeable Oggeto: to the inside of the circle a Chips becomes part to pleasure. The measure would have to go in order nearly all the Chips in commerce well.
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A timer di.bell'.aspetto, much sempiice to use and much economic above all. It only works like a countdown. It comes sold of usual with enclosed batteries.

Typical object "American". Many persons in the United States use cappellini of qesto type with the visiera, also therefore between the poker players they are often found loving of these nails head. The possible ones written are innumerevoli.

Sample provided by


The rings from poker are for the piu' from man but they come realizes also models to you from woman. In both cases the choice to wear of e' a much staff since it depends esclisivamente on the aesthetic taste of the player. Sure that if a cappellino is worn puo' also to put a ring.

Also the glasies personalize to you are of tantissimi personalized varied models and with graphical. In this example in the photo, the written one to replace just with nme e' "the Tiffaney' s".


Object from woman, perhaps piu' pretty between all the several bigioutterie.

Other monile to hang to the neck. Also on this a little perplessita'.


The lampadari from poker, are study to you for being hung just over the table from game. They are used above all in the premises of knows them from poker (therefore not in Italy) but null it prohibits to put of one in house.

Also for the written Ts-shirt e' an immense one chosen there of, in the models is from man that give woman. The written ones are often ironiche like that one of the photo "Are Bluffando". To this purpose e' interesting to remember like in the poker American, to difference of the Italian, is possible "Bluffare to the contrary", that is to make feint not to have the point with attitudes, gestures and also words that induce the adversary to think that you do not have nothing in hand. What absolutely prohibited in the Italian poker, in which therefore it would be against the rules to say, during a hand, "I am bluffando", or better potrebbe' also to say it but to that point it would be like if it had been declared not to have no point and therefore the hand would get lost in any case.


It glances at them alone are a lot used from the players professionals. The reasons are essentially two: to prevent fatigue given from the strong lights of a table of a torneo of professionals (in which the often e' also tv and therefore piu' still powerful lights) and to prevent to the adversaries to read there to you in the eyes. It would be beautiful instead that they came prohibits to you in the tornei perche' to watch in the today an adversary and to succeed not to betray no emotion guando you come watched, e' one of the characteristics of the Italian poker.

Also these have many types of Design, this in the photo in particular have also a neon that puo' several chosen being in colors.


Normaii clocks with the design of the playing cards to the inside.

For one evening of gala, brace of aces in the sleeve.


Many artists in the United States realize this type of poster that they have like argument the poker, everyone with its style.

<> Reloadable lighter to shape of Chips available in 6 colors, everyone with a various value.

Sample provided by

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