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The determined point winning e' always from the best combination than five playing cards. The Ace e' the high paper piu', ad.eccezione.della A-2-3-4-5 scale in which counts like 1.
If the two players have the same point, vincera' who avra' kicker piu' high (kicker e' the high paper piu' not in common). In the following table we see in increasing order how much are worth the points.
(clicca in order to magnify)


Bunch of Playing Cards

One plays with all the 52 playing cards of a normal bunch, only exclude therefore the jolly.


The maximum number of players admitted to a table e' 10, minimum e' 2.

Dealer (Mazziere)

Mazziere comes indicated with a large button (Dealer Button). The player of bunch to fine hand passera' the button to the player to its left. In the tornei of the professionals and the casino', mazziere e' the Croupier.

Blind (Buio)

In every hand of Texas Hold' em there are 2 obbligatori oxen, the small buio (small blind) and the large one buio (big blind, the double quantity of the small buio) that they will have to be covered from the 2 players to the left of mazziere. The oxen are consider you like of the aimed normal schools, to difference in fact of the Italian poker, all the players can throw again anytime of the game, therefore the players who are of buio and that they endure I throw again will have to only cover the difference between you respect oxen to you and I throw again in course. The advantage for the players who have covered the small blind and the big blind e' that heading are the utlimi to only speak (for the first turn about), when e' their turn therefore, have the possibility to choose between fold (abandoning the hand), check (cip), call (to see one aimed) and raise (to throw again), like thus every other player.

Distribution of the playing cards

To every player they come distributed 2 covered playing cards, hole calls "cards". After a first turn of heading come put on the table 3 playing cards discovered in common for all, the flop. After a new turn of heading sara' put at the table one quarter discovered common paper, the turn and after an other turn of heading sara' the put at the table fifth and last paper discovered in common, the river. It is arrived thus to the turn of heading final.

Order of the headed ones

In Texas Hold' em aiming are 4 turns of. The first turn of aiming part after the distribution of the 2 playing cards begins them. The first player to speak e' that one on the left about the big blind. In the turns succeeded the first player to speak e' that one to you to the left about the dealer, cioe' who e' of small buio.

Showdown and determination of the winner

After that all have been concluded the headed ones, it is arrived to the showdown and to the determination of the winner of the plate. It gains R-he who has realized the high point piu'. Everyone extension the own playing cards covered. The combination that is worth to the aim of the determination of the point e' the best one than puo' to obtain itself arranging the 2 playing cards covered with the 5 common playing cards: a player puo' to use one, two or nobody of its playing cards covered. If two or piu' players have the same point the fairly divided plate verra' between these.

If us they have been headed after that e' be turned the river, sara' the player whom he has carried out l’ultimo I throw again the first one to discover its point. In contrary case partira' from the player to the left of the dealer.



In order to be based to a table e' necessary to constitute one he mails (buy-in) dopodiche' potra' only playing itself with the Chips that they constitute it. For every table e' fixed one mails (buy-in) minimal.


E' the possibilita' that it comes given in some tornei of being able to re-enter in game once finished before the mail of Chips.

Check (Cip)

E' the one which we in the Italian poker know like cip, headed equal to zero. A player null tip and does not leave the word all’avversario that follows.

Raise (I throw again)

I throw again in the poker American puo' to be carried out from anyone and not only from who e' of buio, to difference of the Italian poker that in presence of oxen prevents to the other players to throw again if before they do not endure I throw again from who is making the buio.
I throw again minimum must at least be of the double quantity of the previous nose-dive or of the previous one I throw again or the large one buio if nobody has thrown again.


The player who declares ALL-IN, aims all its the Chips, says therefore that he has played "to the rests" (all-in). Cio' means that the player rimarra' in the plate until the showdown, but potra' to gain from every player only the equivalent of how much has put in the plate. If other players have placed greater amounts verra' created a plate to part (side pot). If necessary, how many will be created many side pot will be the players all-in in the hand.


The player whom it has made all-in and he has lost, comes eliminated from the torneo.


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