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Poker Timer
In the tornei of Texas necessary Hold' em e' a Timer that make the countdown of the time of the levels of the Blinds. Puo' naturalemte to use itself, for the homely tornei, a simple wristwatch to the quartz purche' has almneo a sonorous alarm. And piu' just and comfortable, pero', than all the players they have the possibilita' to see in every moment of the game how much lacks to expiring of the level of buio in course. For this e' advisable the use of one of these timer. some of enough economic which.


The timer from computer they are not other that simple programs that work from timer. Scomodi obviously perche' it must enough be had a PC close to the table from game and a very visible monitor from all. Except rare cases therefore e' one not advisable solution.


A beautiful timer not as well as expensive with one screen much great and one blackboard in which puo' annotating the duration of the levels of blinds, the value of the oxen and Chips and the other information like from photo. In the confection they are comprised pennarello and rubber.
The largeness corresponds approximately to a portable PC but a lot piu' to read. E' timer a much simple one with the single function of contdown.


A timer di.bell'.aspetto, much sempiice to use and much economic above all. It only works like a countdown. It comes sold of usual with enclosed batteries.

Sample provided by

E' one version piu' completes of the Poker Tournament Timer but coast also 10 times a lot. As you see from the photo has the possibilita' to write also the value of the oxen and the Chips until 5 colors. The led luminous e' to colors in green and red. The time of every blinds puo' to be variable and programmed since the beginning.


The first difference that jumps endured to the eye regarding the others e' the indeed proibitivo price for a timer, e' the piu' expensive timer in commerce. The model base costs approximately 700 dollars. It is not used of sure for homely tornei, puo' to be instead the ideal for a premises that organizes tornei, obviously therefore excluded Italy e'.


It has the same characteristics of the Poker Tournament Timer, with two sun differences: it also carries out the function of a button dealer and costs the double quantity. Even if in effects the button comes passed to every hand, must however wait for just the turn of dealer for being able to control the time, to part the obvious one but scomoda possibilita' to ask it mazziere of turn.


It has the largeness of the button dealer and in fact it is used like dealer and timer. To difference of the previous one much small has scomodita' of one the screen.

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