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Chip Cases
For the transport of yours Chips they are available on the market of the valigette with capienza that varies from the 200 Chips to the 1000 Chips. Ciascuna row contains 50 Fcihes and is in kind adapted to whichever model of Chips. They are of light material much but resistant one. One valigetta from 300 Chips, flood, puo' to think around to the 4/5 kg. They are many profits also for riporre the Chips when it is not played.
Like alternative to valigetta there e'
the Carousel, a po' scomodo pero' for the transport.
All the models have also the lodgings for 2 bunch of playing cards and 5 dice.

Valigetta in Black Vinile

Model standard in plastic with green inside.
Comfortable and economic.

Valigetta in World Aluminum Tour Poker

Model standard in aluminum with black inside and brand WPT.
Sold also in Italy but as complete set with them originates them Chips WPT, from

Valigetta in Transparent Acrylic Metal and

Regarding the model in aluminum standard, it differs for the acrylic cover in transparent. A likeable alternative to approximately the same price.
Obviously the transparent cover renders the Chips visible also from the outside.

Valigetta in Vinile and Legno Brown

Realized in plastic with inserti in wood.
Expensive Piu' regarding those in aluminum or vinile.

Valigetta in Aluminum Standard
Comfortable, beautiful and economic.
Puo' to have one capienza of 200, 300 or 500 Chips.
The color of the green or black inside puo' to be.
Some also with key of emergency in order to avoid accidental openings.
Sold also in Italy (inner black and with key) from


Valigetta in Wood
Variable Capienza.
Elegant but expensive object.
 Heavy Piu' of valigette in vinile or the aluminum.

Acrylic Trolley in Transparent

Revolving Carousel in Plastic 200 Chips

Economic object in plastic in the colors black brown or.
Sold also in Italy, the black color, from

Sample provided by

Revolving Carousel in Wood 200 Chips
Available also in capienti versions piu'.
Piu' beloved of valigetta a standard and little adapted to the transport.
Comfortable instead during the game for distrubuire new located or changing Chips.

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